Academy of Arts


Students must register for lessons. There is a one time $25 per student registration fee. As long as the student enrolls continuously in Fall and Spring, no additional fee will be assessed.  If the Student's first enrollment is for a Summer 4-Pack, there also will not be an additional fee. Should a student withdraw for more than one semester, an re-registration fee will be required.

Students enrolled each term who remain in good standing will be emailed an option to continue for the next term.  If the student chooses to continue, payment options will be emailed to them.

For new students, registration fees must be paid via credit or debit card online at the time of registration to begin the process.  Once the registration is paid, you will receive an email with an explanation of how payment for lessons should be completed.

For the Fall and Spring semesters, you may register after lessons have begun with the number of lessons available adjusted to the start date of your lessons. Group instructors may/may not agree to take a late starting student due to the impact on the group. 

The AoA requires that a credit or debit card be maintained on file and must be entered with the enrollment or re-registration.

First Baptist Jackson staff families will receive a 5% discount on all lessons and an additional 2% discount if they pay in full for Fall or Spring semester lessons before those lessons begin. First Baptist Jackson staff families will receive a 5% discount for 4-Pack enrollments.


  1. Cancellation by the Academy of Arts of a class: All fees will be refunded for any lessons not conducted.  If the class is cancelled prior to the first lesson, the registration fee will also be refunded.
  2. Cancellation by the parent/student prior to the first class/lesson: All fees except a $25 processing fee and the registration fee (if applicable) will be refunded.
  3. Cancellation by the parent/student after the first class/lesson:  This agreement is binding. If cancellation does not occur by the deadline, full payment for the semester/4-pack is required.There are no exceptions.


The rates below are per student.

Private Lessons - Basic Instructor

Guitar - Meagan Gautier

30-minute lessons | $264/semester | $88/4-Pack

45-minute lessons | $396/semester | $132/4-Pack

60-minute lessons | $528/semester | $176/4-Pack

Private Lessons - Classical Instructor

Cello - Rebekah Miller

Clarinet - Allison Forst

Flute - Ambrielle Harris

Percussion - Ambrielle Harris

Piano - Ambrielle Harris

Violin, Viola - Katherine Crivello, Cristan Trexler, Noelani Perry

30-minute lessons | $330/semester | $110/4-Pack

45-minute lessons | $495/semester | $165/4-Pack

60-minute lessons | $660/semester | $220/4-Pack

Private Lessons - Master Instructor

Violin,Viola, Fiddle) - Tammy Luke

Voice -  Eva Hart (30 minute lessons only)

Voice - Rhonda Armstrong

30-minute lessons | $396/semester | $132/4-Pack

45-minute lessons | $594/semester | $198/4-Pack

60-minute lessons | $792/semester | $264/4-Pack

Group Violin I and II – Joint Class

Instructors TBD

60-minute lessons | $190/semester | $70/4-Pack

 This class has beginning and intermediate students. Minimum of 4 students must be enrolled for the class to be held.

Group Guitar – Joint Class

Instructor: Meagan Gautier

60-minute lessons | $190/semester | $70/4-Pack

 This class has beginning and intermediate students. Minimum of 4 students must be enrolled for the class to be held.


Monthly payments must be set up per semester through automatic withdrawal using a credit/debit card.This is not optional.  The initial payment will be debited when the installment plan is set up at the beginning of the semester and the two additional payments will be triggered monthly as a recurring payment.

Spring and Fall Semesters:

Payment in full prior to classes will be accepted by credit/debit card before the date of the first lesson. Those who pay in full by this date receive a 5% pre-payment discount. If you fail to pay in full prior to the deadline, you will be required to set up the monthly automatic withdrawal via credit/debit.

Students may also choose to enroll in multiple 4-packs (in effect monthly pay) for each semester. Each 4-lesson pack must be paid in full before those lessons can be taken. 


Payment in full prior to classes is required. There is no discount for 4-Packs. At the conclusion of a 4-pack, students will be offered the opportunity to enroll for another one and if accepted will be billed accordingly.


The Spring and Fall Semesters cover a 16 week period. During that time, twelve lessons will be taught. The schedule accounts for Labor Day, Fall Break, Thanksgiving, Carols by Candlelight, Christmas, Spring Break, MLK holiday, Easter Holidays, and other known conflicts. 

During the Fall Semester, string students are encouraged to participate under the direction of Tammy Luke in the the ensemble that plays for Thankful Christmas on the Thursday and Friday mornings before Thanksgiving.

There will be a student recital and reception at the end of the Spring Semester. All students are expected to participate. 



Teachers and students should agree on a schedule before lessons begin.

A student canceling a lesson with notice due to illness or death in family, can make that lesson up. Any other missed lessons will not be made up unless the instructor agrees to do so.


Lessons cancelled/missed by Group Class students will not be made up. 

Due to the nature of Group Lessons, lesson swaps are not possible.


Teachers and Students are expected to begin lessons at the scheduled time.

Lessons cancelled due to church specific conflicts that cannot be controlled by the Academy of Arts will be rescheduled.

Lessons cancelled by the Instructor will be rescheduled and parents will be given the courtesy of 24-hour notice where possible.

Lessons will not be rolled over to the next term for student absences.

Tuition will not be refunded for unexcused student absences.

Cancellation after the deadline will not result in any refunds of tuition or fees and will not be carried over to a new semester or transferable to another student.